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Our socials and URL are changing... Here's why....

We launched our app on Blue Monday in Jan 2020, and since then have been supplying mental health prevention content and community to thousands of users. We are still at the beginning of our journey figuring stuff out, and are constantly developing our product and brand, all with our mission in mind to democratise good mental health.

As part of our development we do regular user meets, encourage emails and comments across our platforms, to get as much feedback as possible. What's become clear is our current URL and social handle (WakeyWakeyTv) is confusing people!

We aren't TV, though we do make entertaining video content! We are Wakey, not WakeyWakey! It had to change, but what to?

Well after user and team feedback we've gone with URL Wakey.Life and social handle WakeyLife - we hope you love it.

Our Wakey App is all about helping us have a happier and healthy life. We want everyone, regardless of money, education, job, background, to have access to the information that makes life easier. Wakey is about having a good life, and we want to be there for you at every point in your life where that feels a challenge.

So join us at Wakey.Life. Our website, socials and emails will be migrated to this new name over the next 7 days. We look forward to you joining us on this next stage in our journey.



Founder, Wakey

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