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Christmas is only a month away so money might be on our minds. Money is a very tricky topic for some people so this week we're going to be exploring how emotions and beliefs shape our relationship with money.

Obviously not having money can be incredibly stressful and money worries - especially at this time of year - can have serious effects on worry and depression. Identifying how we think about money can help us get a start on managing it better.

Attitudes to Money

Different people have different core attitudes and beliefs about money. e.g.

"Saving money makes me feel safe and secure about the future", or

"Having money makes me feel independent and free...(unlike when I was in a bad relationship or unlike when my parents wouldn't spend any money on me etc)"

Money means different things to different people. Some people love to spend - and some people love to save. Inevitably this leads to conflict in relationships. One partner might only like to spend on big holidays and the other prefers to buy clothes all year round. This can lead to an unhealthy dynamic - like a parent and child dynamic.


Communication in relationships is key here. Notice and name if there is an unhealthy dynamic around money. Active listening and collaboration (slightly different to compromise) is important here.


Only when we accept that there’s a problem can we do anything about it. Once you’ve identified that there’s a problem use our problem solving tools and the links below to start making the changes you need.

If you are struggling with finances there are lots of resources and advice from charity Money and Mental Health here:

The mental health charity MIND also has some great advice and information:

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