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Loneliness & Connection

It’s Loneliness week so we’re talking about the importance of Connection.

We are social animals. Connection to others who make you feel good is a physical and emotional need - not a luxury. We forget this because we're busy or stuck in a routine where we isolate ourselves. Also it’s a GLOBAL PANDEMIC!

Loneliness is a very difficult experience for some. If we think about loneliness as a signal - like hunger - we can orient ourselves towards solutions. Hungry? Get food. Lonely? Think about ways to get some connection back into your life.

Connection helps to prevent depression

Connection makes you live longer

This week's challenges for me and Ginger were about reminding ourselves to get regular connection and build it into our routine. Try these yourself to start building some regular connection into your life.

1. Make a connection with someone you haven't seen for a while. Phone an old friend or make contact with someone on social media.

2. Arrange to meet someone you'd like to spend more time with - but maybe haven't got to know yet. We’re just coming out of lockdown in many parts of the country so this is a great time to reach out.

3. Start a new social habit this week (gym class, walking with someone, meet a friend to go to the park)

TOP CONNECTION TIP: Touch base with someone who makes you feel good once a day. In person is best but even a phone call is good

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