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Wakey is a brilliant breakfast TV show designed to make you laugh and smile!

We’re on a mission to brighten your day & promote good mental health across the nation.

Prepare yourself for a right old laugh and some feel-good quality entertainment.


Simply download our free app from the link below, set your Wakey alarm through the app & smile your way straight into the day.





Plus many special guests...

We have an announcement!

Thank you for joining Wakey this year.

It's been a pleasure getting to know our regulars, and community, in and outside of our app. You've been an inspiration. We've decided we need to take a well earned break.


We launched on Jan 20th 2020, and have delivered mental health information and fun entertainment every Monday to Friday since, including through a pandemic. Can you believe it?! We cant! It was only ever meant to be for 6 weeks to test whether people liked the idea!So, Ginger's Queens Speech will be our last show for the time being. It goes out in the app on Christmas Day (there will continue to be live chat up till Christmas Eve). Things will then go a little quiet.There won't be new content in the app, or posts on social media for a while. But, the community FB group will still be open, and the app will still be there with 250+ shows there to inspire at any time you need them, all easily searchable by themes: Sleep, Relationships, Life Hacks, Emotions/Worries, Work/Money and Articles.


In January we are going to be consolidating all our learning from Wakey over the past year, and we will then be planning what comes next! How can we make Wakey even better? What is the next step in the journey of helping us all have happier, healthier lives?


So, forgive us this is a little open-ended, but we have some test and learning to do before we know what comes next, and a break will help us do that to the best of our abilities. We will be back in touch soon to update you.Please join me in thanking the entire brilliant team: Ginger, Chris, Iain, Holly, Luke, Al, Mari, Sami, Amber, Emma, Jess, Charly, Shola, Lauren. What an amazing 12 months!


I can't wait to see what happens next! If you or anyone you know needs mental health support visit CheckPoint for local numbers to call. This post will be pinned to the top of our FB page and Community group if you need it. The link is also on the home page of the app.

Best wishes
Deborah, Founder 



TalkRadio Drivetime contributor Dawn Neesom:“I love the way that Wakey! does three essential things, routine, set your alarm and wake up to Wakey! each day at the same time, very important to keep to a routine, movement, and bed aerobics!”

THEARTFULJACOB: " I do struggle with anxiety in social situations. This is partly due to having autism and sensory issues. For sensory I have things in place but for the anxiety similar to ginger I fake it until I make it. The mindful exercises that wakey taught me I apply in my life now and it helps with clarity and composure."

The Sun Online: “The pair (Ginger & Chris) are trying to promote positive mental health by presenting daily shows which are sent to listeners phones each morning via the Wakey! app.”


Metro Online: “The nine-minute episodes couldn’t come at a better time, now that the entire UK has been sent into isolation during the current coronavirus outbreak.”

LAURA1588: "I managed to get out of bed before my wakey alarm at 6am today, excited to watch the show I love this so much!"

ANTONIA: " I had an interview for a new role at work, got really nervous during the presentation. Used the technique from wakey. Got the role!!! Thanks wakey"

AUNTYNUNU1315: " I suffer from depression & this group has helped me with my mental health problems."

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